For many years I lived almost as three separate beings – a physical body, an emotional being and soul. A busy life in the corporate world grew the separation between these dimensions and I was in pain.

I struggled with weight loss, tightness in my chest, bloating and dizziness and an eating disorder that lasted 15 years. As part of my healing journey I have explored and been around many forms of natural medicine including studies in psychosomatic therapy, bodywork, embodiment and a deep exploration of the mind-body relationship. 

This journey has lead me to appreciate that the mind and body are not separate and that we have a strong inbuilt wisdom to help us heal and grow. When conditions are optimised and we have the right support, we can access this intelligence – body and mind – which is designed to align us with health. Each of us is a dynamic system with a constant potential for change in which healing is the norm rather than the miraculous. 

I find Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to be one of the most honouring therapeutic approaches of the body’s intelligence. Like an osteopath, I address the body from a global perspective. This means a strong understanding that nothing is happening in isolation and one part of the body affects another, mind and body affect each other and everything is interrelated. I believe it’s important to treat each client with respect for their story and how both their internal and external environments influence quality of health.

I support clients with both physical and emotional symptoms, specialising in emotional support, in particular, anxiety, stress, and trauma. In session I use embodiment principles to facilitate awareness “of” and “in” the body and my treatments inspire a new way of meeting the world and living a life that is sensitive and connected.

Some of my clients are healing physical and emotional symptoms, others come for sessions to learn, get clarity and to grow.

In writing about myself, I am flooded with heartfelt gratitude to my many teachers who have intrigued and inspired me along the way. Candace Pert, Ken Dyschtward, Deb Shapiro, Geneen Roth, Dinah Bradley, Lissa Rankin, Tara Judelle, Scott Lyons, Byron Katie, Frederic Cherri and my teachers of the intelligent practice of Yoga.

"Free yourself, free others and serve everyday" are the words of Nelson Mandela. They resonate for me too.

" I first heard Janine speak at a body/mind therapy workshop and appreciated her informative and relaxed presentation. I consulted her for a severe skin condition I have had for 2 years. I found her to be respectful and caring. She is a good communicator, friendly and supportive. I have benefited and gained helpful understanding and a vast improvement for my skin. "
- Female 72 yrs

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