A space for enquiry, change and consciousness. A safe place to go deep and use the body as a vehicle for transformation.



Yoga Teacher Training – Holding Space for Healing



Many yoga teachers come to yoga because we recognise its healing capabilities. We hear about ‘holding space’, but this is rarely explained in depth at teacher trainings.

We will draw from craniosacral therapy, embodiment techniques, movement therapy, and Embodied Flow principles to help you create classes that deeply heal and transform your students. 

We will teach you to: 

  •  Create a healing energy in the class 
  •  Have clear and healthy energetic boundaries 
  •  Respond to student projections with love and compassion
  •  Listen to the room and work with it
  •  Engage the felt sense for a deeper connection with students




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" Attending a Bodymind workshop was an intriguing experience. I became more aware of how emotions impact our bodies, how they manifest, some tools to release and it evoked my curiosity to learn more about my own body. My experience of working one-on-one with Janine was like wiping a layer of dust off a mirror. I learnt to see myself in all my raw, intense beauty. And I came to see that I didn’t need to be “fixed”, I needed help to be discovered. "
- Ardeena Scott

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